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We Build Great Apartment Communities

Dec 21, 2021

Andrew Greer’s name is synonymous with multi-family development, property zoning, real estate growth and success!

After attending college Andrew decided to venture into real estate investing and sales. Finding early mentorship with a previous employer turned investor Andrew learned the ropes about investing. With an...

Dec 20, 2021

Originally from Africa, Leslie started his medical career in 2008 as a healthcare provided and eventually found his passion and another calling as a real estate investor.

In today’s episode, Leslie will walk us through his real estate journey, how and why he started off as a limited partner including some of the deals...

Dec 17, 2021

In today’s episode, we are graced by Amy Wan - one of the most prominent legal tech and blockchain attorney to talk about where technology and real estate really intersect!

Prepare to be amazed and inspired by this marvellous achiever’s accomplishments, current projects and future endeavours!

Amy Wan is CEO &...

Dec 16, 2021

So what does it really mean to use your intuition in making decisions? Does is mean walking away from a million-dollar deal just because you do not like how the investor talks or walks? Or does it mean complementing your gut feel with facts… or rather complementing the facts with your intuition?

In today’s episode,...

Dec 15, 2021

So how can one travel the globe, enjoy the world sceneries and be with his family 24/7 while still continuing to build his portfolio?

Well, our guest today, James Evans will let us in on the secret on how to accomplish all these!

James Evans is the Owner of Gladstone Capital with 6 years of real estate investing...